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Kor-Sha Laboratory

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Screaming Tormentor

Picture submitted by: EQResource Admin

  • Named tentacle terror
  • PH: a luxated terror

  • Loot:

  • Spells / abilities:
    • Tentacle terrors in this zone periodically despawn and respawn. It is unknown if you can currently camp this named like a normal mob. It will sometimes spawn on its own.
    • Tormenting Vines - 30k DoT, snare

- PH spawn location(s).
- A safe spot to camp.

Re: Screaming Tormentor By: Dropfast On: August 19, 2017, 06:13:43 PM

This guy works the same as Darkness, He spawns every hour at one of the 3 spots on the map. Their are no mobs / ph's in those spots. It's a timed spawn that has nothing to do with Ph's ect. So you can still "camp" him it's just timed rather than the usual way of poping named. I suggest the hallway leading to the very back room as you can get to 2/3 of his spots from their without having to even kill anything.

Also, if you don't touch him he will despawn after like 10 min or so, maybe 15. The 1 hour timer resets on his death if you engage him. So basically if your "Camping" him, it will work out to be more like 1 hour and 10 mins each cycle or however long it takes you to enguage / kill him. Hope this helps, GL all.

Re: Screaming Tormentor By: Zevod On: February 05, 2017, 10:44:25 AM

I got Amorphous Selrach's Boots as well as the Storm Activated Choker today.

Screaming Tormentor By: Rorce On: October 26, 2016, 05:47:03 AM

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