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Chardok All Named Map Chardok All Named Map Chardok All Named Map
Chardok All Named Map Chardok All Named Map Chardok All Named Map

Click on any named to view it's loot list, spells / abilities, PH information, and spawn location!

1. Battle Master Ska`tu 2. Crackjaw 3. Deathfang
4. Dread Overseer Akalod (HA) 5. Dry Rot 6. Flight Master Hak`ouz
7. Fractured Shard 8. Grand Advisor Zum`uul 9. Grand Herbalist Mak`ha
10. Kennel Master Al`ele 11. Observer Aq`touz 12. Overseer Dal`guur
13. Queen Velazul`s Aide 14. Royal Guard Kakator (HA) 15. Selrach`s Regent
16. Shai`din Warmaster Roh`ki 17. The Bridge Keeper 18. The Sokokar Matron
19. Watch Captain Hir`roul

Re: By: Embrin On: January 24, 2017, 08:18:35 AM

Battle Master Ska`tu also spawns in the room with the Warmaster, the PH is reanimated dragoon

Chardok Named Overview By: Rorce On: November 26, 2016, 12:09:14 AM

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